Mellel 2.2

March 19, 2007

RedleX today released Mellel 2.2, a major update to the premier word processor for Mac OS X.

Mellel 2.2 introduces several new citation and bibliography features, making citation entry, verification and scanning easier than ever before. The new features further solidify Mellel’s position as the leading word processor for writers and scholars. Mellel 2.2 also introduce several exciting and unique character styling options, including sophisticated background, outline, and line option. Another key feature in Mellel 2.2 is the Marker palette, allowing users to mark text as with a highlighter and easily search for highlighted text in the document.

Mellel 2.2 is free to all registered users of Mellel. The update is a for-pay upgrade for user who purchased Mellel more than 3 years ago. A free trial version is also available.

Note: Mellel 2.2 released today is an English-only user interface. A version including 14 different languages is expected within a week.

Mellel 2.1 is available for download now, from the servers listed below. The price for a single user license is US$49, Educational license is US$34.99, 5 Pack license (5 separate licenses) is US$99. A Boxed Edition of Mellel is also available for US$59 (including shipping costs).

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