HELIOS Xtar now available for Mac Intel

March 12, 2007

HELIOS Software GmbH has released for
free download a Mac Intel compatible version of its backup tool HELIOS Xtar.

As a leading developer of cross-platform networking, PDF, and image server
solutions, HELIOS Software is able to ensure reliable transfers of Mac meta
data (Finder and resource information) between different platforms. Now
HELIOS passes on its accumulated development experience to the Open Source
community in the form of the free Xtar tool, which is basically the UNIX
“tar” program extended by HELIOS to include full Mac OS X (PPC/Intel)

HELIOS Xtar for Mac (PPC/Intel) stores each HFS file as a double file in the
standard “tar” format. Unicode file names as well as all meta data‹including
creation and modification date‹are preserved. During the restore with Xtar
to an HFS volume, the Finder and resource information are written into a
valid HFS file. In doing so, all Mac OS X specific meta data are preserved
so that volumes are bootable after the restore.

More information on the deployment of Xtar and other HELIOS products can be
found on the HELIOS website http://www.helios.de


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