Brainstorm Lite is coming!

March 9, 2007

From ConceptDraw Labs
As a result of the last couple of weeks work a new freeware product is almost born. It is very restrictive brainstorming application that forces you to follow some core brainstorming rules.

I used many Mind Mapping and brainstorming applications and all of them have one big disadvantage: they give too much freedom during brainstorming session. But brainstorming technique works the better the precisely you follow its rules. So, we implemented a few restrictions that often are hard to follow:

1. Brainstorming session has fixed duration (you set the time yourself, of course).
This inspires creativity because everyone knows how much time left to generate new ideas and that it will be no extra time. So, when session time is up it’s not possible to continue collecting new ideas, just export results into mind mapping application or text document for further processing.

2. Brainstorming has criticism-free environment.
All ideas are equal and all should be written down. This allows even the craziest ideas pass to analysis stage at which they often appear to be the best. In terms of our applications it means, that once entered, a new idea can’t be deleted no matter how silly it seems to be.

3. Session can’t be interrupted.
Interruption of a current session means that it is over, but later you can start a new brainstorming with the same subject. That’s why you can’t save your session and continue it later, only start a new one.

4. All ideas should be numbered.
Use of numbering encourages quantitative idea generation, so every idea has a number corresponding to it.

Would be happy, if you also find sense in use of exactly this software for brainstorming


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