TextMate: Power Editing for the Mac

February 28, 2007

In case you hadn’t heard the buzz, TextMate is a full-featured OS X editor
that can make programmers incredibly productive. The secret is that it’s not really a text editor.

In his latest book, “TextMate Power Editing for the Mac” (Pragmatic Bookshelf, US$29.95, 0-9787392-3-X), author James Edward Gray II shows you how to use TextMate to do your normal work, but signal the ever-watchful ninjas as you go. At your command, they will launch into action, slicing through text, inserting boilerplate, structuring source code, and much
more. They will even post to your blog, handle your IRC conversations, and
read your email.

These ninjas seem to be mind readers. They can transport you to exact line of the file you need to be on; they’ll watch what you type and anticipate what you need next. And they’ll help tuck your source code safely away at the end of the day.

TextMate: Power Editing for the Mac
by James Edward Gray II
ISBN 0-9787392-3-X, 208 pages, $29.95US, $41.95CA, softcover.

Pragmatic Bookshelf Titles are distributed to bookstores internationally
by O’Reilly Media: http://oreilly.com


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