Checkout: Point of Sale Software for Mac

February 19, 2007

When my wife started a new Wig business, we thought long and hard about how we would keep track of inventory, sales, cost, profit, discounts and bookkeeping. Plus, I wanted it to have the ability to grow when the business demanded it. I looked at a lot of software and ended up choosing madebysofa’s Checkout Point of Sale for Mac.

We are using only a small percent of the capabilities that Checkout offers. If you want to see the full power of Checkout, use a Mac with Checkout installed along with third party cash drawers, receipt printers, and scanners. You then have a full featured, end to end solution for your retail business at an affordable price.

My wife runs her wig business out of a salon where she has worked for many years. The salon owner has her own Windows based point of sale software for her business, and she paid $900.00 for the program several years ago. Checkout has an introductory price of $399.00, and I’ve found out from looking around, that’s a very fair price for what Checkout can do. If you want to use it as a full frontdesk checkout solution, you’ll have to pay extra for the third party products I mentioned above.

Let’s look at some of the features that caught my eye to this point. Checkout can create amazing reports. They look great and they can handle tax and sale inquiries. Checkout gave us custom templates to create invoices, orders, sales slips and quotes. We can import inventories and products on order with CSV and TSV files. My wife can search for specific sales and invoices and can give discounts on specific sale items. We were able to walk through the setup with a sample storefront and screencasts to hold our hand when we set up sales tax and product markups. That’s just for starters.

Checkout’s strongest asset is the fact that it looks, feels, acts and handles like a true Mac application. It was built from the ground up as a Mac Point of Sale software package, and I sure could tell. The best place to start is to visit their website, The developers did a nice job with demos and quicktours somost of the questions I had were answered without reading the manual. I would recommend Checkout to anyone that wants to run a retail storefront with their Mac. You can find other apps that do a good job with invoices, or bookkeeping, or forms, but Checkout does the whole job for you, just as you’d expect a good Mac application to do.


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