Disco 1.0 for Mac OS X Released

February 12, 2007

Disco is the missing solution for disc burning on your Mac. Utilizing a simple and fun workflow based interface, users are able to accomplish real burning tasks with minimal effort. The entire burning process has been designed from the ground up to work efficiently and effectively for the user. Steps smoothly glide into place and progress bars pulse as the user moves through the workflow.

Simplicity doesn’t result in meager features, however — as Disco is jam packed with tools designed to appeal to average and pro users alike. They include: full multi session support, audio burning, disc erasing, multi file system support, one to one disc copies, VIDEO_TS burning, motion sensor support, and many others. One of Disco’s major functions is spanning. Spanning allows users to span large amounts of data over multiple discs. Disco offers a “just works” principle to the whole process, and the spanning nests itself as deep as possible to ensure that your data can be spanned in almost any case.

Disco also includes a standout feature called Discography. Discography seamlessly tracks all of your burns and lets you search through tens of thousands of previously burned files to find out what disc they are on. Users can also import existing discs into Discography. This feature takes Discography from simple disc tracking to a full blown media cataloging solution.

Talk about fun, Disco’s window emits fully realistic rendered 3d smoke while burning on those machines that support it. As promised, the developers have truly taken the AppZapper screen flash to the next level. Finally, the developers have included smoke support for nearly every Mac out there — addressing perhaps the most requested feature for the application.

Having announced Disco in September, hundreds of thousands of people have become interested and active readers of the Disco blog. Disco is now available to everyone at the extremely reasonable introductory price of $14.95. A family pack is available for under $30 and a 10 pack for under $90.

For more information, visit: http://discoapp.com.


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