ifrogz CES/Macworld Recap

January 17, 2007

ifrogz news from the week was as follows:

  • ifrogz announced its new “30 design combos in one” multipacks. Each multipack contains one of our Wrapz (the main case component), three Bandz of different colors and 10 pieces of reusable Wheel Art that adhere to our clear plastic Screenz. All 16 themed multipacks will be available at the end of the month.
  • The ifrogz Tadpole — the world’s first and only video iPod case for kids — will soon begin shipping with a bundled set of child-friendly headphones.
  • ifrogz introduced the new Bullfrog heavy-duty, extra-rugged iPod case.
  • ifrogz announced its silicone Shuffle Bandz and genuine leather Shuffle Strapz. These are the first accessories of their kind available for Apple’s brand-new, ultra-small iPod shuffle.
  • ifrogz launched the Rana: an upscale, unconstructed Italian leather pouch for iPods or other personal electronic devices.

Find the products on their website www.ifrogz.com


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