CS Odessa Releases ConceptDraw Project 3

January 16, 2007

CS Odessa, a leading provider of productivity solutions, announces the release of ConceptDraw Project 3, the newest totally redesigned version of their popular project management software product, available for both the Windows and Macintosh environments. Version 3 provides a new redesigned intuitive interface and the addition of critical path management. There have been added task filtering and sorting and other handy features to the products capabilities in order to make project planning process more effective

A big advantage to Macintosh users is that the new version is universal binary application and runs natively on all Intel-based Macintosh computers. Critical path highlighting and network diagram view, a schematic display of the sequential and logical relationship of activities which comprise the project, have been added to ConceptDraw Project 3 to enhance the project management capabilities of application and give customers better control of a project’s timeline.

Since usability is the main focus of this version new, floating dialogs have been added providing quick access to various frequently performed tasks such as resource allocation or changing of task properties. Taking into consideration user feedback ConceptDraw Project 3 also adds the ability to set coloring, font and filling for almost any element on the screen. This control is essential in highlighting important tasks, grouping them by color or configuring printer output.

You can read more information and download a Free Trial version at: http://www.conceptdraw.com/en/products/project/main.php
ConceptDraw Project 3 is available as a paid upgrade for all registered users of previous versions for US $ 99 at:


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