PinPoint 3 Contest Launched today

January 1, 2007

The MacChampion Team today is launching a new contest in preparation for the final release of PinPoint 3, the latest version of their
pointer enhancement program. PinPoint 3 is a huge upgrade to the popular program which displays various graphical effects around the mouse pointer.

In order to find the best creative ideas for new pointers to release
with the final version, the MacChampion Team has decided to create a
contest to find the most creative designers and programmers out there
to create custom pointers to be distributed with PinPoint 3 upon launch.

Any decent submission will be rewarded a free license to PinPoint and
be posted to the "Extra Pointers" section of our web site. The best pointers will be included in the release of PinPoint 3 and installed by default and credit will be displayed in the PinPoint Preference Pane and 5 free registration codes will be given to the selected winners.

Start by downloading PinPoint 3’s current beta on their site:


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