RadTech announces improved ScreenSavrz

December 22, 2006

RadTech™, makers of iPod® and mobile computing accessories and more, today announces a significantly improved fabric composition for its industry-leading ScreenSavrz for Notebooks line of portable computer LCD display protection, cleaning and restoration solutions – now available in six vibrant new hues.

ScreenSavrz for Notebooks provide three useful solutions in a single, proven package. Protect the window to your world. ScreenSavrz protect notebook LCD screens from contacting the keyboard and/or top case when the computer’s display is closed. And as portable computers achieve smaller and lighter dimensions, the frequency of display and top case contact increases dramatically – especially when the computer is compressed when transported within a bag or pack.

Expertly cleaned, dry – and guaranteed to never scratch. Thanks to RadTech’s new Optex™ Super60 fabric formulation, which boasts a 30% increase in core density and fiber count, ScreenSavrz now perform better than ever for cleaning delicate surfaces without scratching – without the use of any liquids or cleaners. RadTech’s Optex fabrics go far beyond conventional micro-fibers, and were expressly designed for maintaining and restoring LCD panels using advanced optical polishing technologies.

Restored to health. In addition to Optex’ remarkable dry cleaning properties, the fabric can be dampened with water to provide the perfect polishing media for scratched, marked or abraded LCD displays. In less than five minutes, even seriously scarred LCD display surfaces can be restored to like new condition – with the same useful and unobtrusive product.

ScreenSavrz are now available in six exciting new hues; Aluminum Gray, Fuchsia, Indigo, Green, Grape and Jet Black. All provide an unmatched level of protection for all LCD displays and allow notebook owners to keep their displays meticulously clean, with no fear of scratching. And since the ScreenSavrz always travels with your notebook, the best cleaning and restoration solution is always at hand.

Ultra-tough Optex will never tear, fray or shed and is fully washable – thousands of times. Individually custom sized for all notebook computers, and now available in a universal, one size protects all format as well. RadTech ScreenSavrz – the best thing next to your screen.

RadTech ScreenSavrz for Notebooks pricing starts at $9.95 US, with all models available beginning today.

More information on RadTech ScreenSavrz for Notebooks available at: http://www.radtech.us/Products/NotebookScreenSavrz.aspx


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