ConceptDraw VI: New Landscape & Garden Design Features

December 15, 2006

CS Odessa announced the release of ConceptDraw 6.2 a new version of its popular business and technical diagramming software. ConceptDraw 6.2 is the largest content update since version 6.0 was released and includes a complete and extensive set of landscape and garden design libraries. Also there were many enhancements made to this version to increase its value for our customers.

The new version has extended content additions for people who work in landscape and garden design architecture. Half of the new content package is a rich set of landscape design libraries. It includes shapes for displaying bridges, stairs, roofs, roads and junctions on the landscape layout. Pools, ponds, water textures and other water related objects are included in the water shapes collection. Also included is a Plumbing library that has a large number of pipe configurations that are used in landscape architecture. Entertainment and garden furniture drawings complete the landscape design content set.

The second half of the new library additions consist of garden design elements. Trees & Shrubs and Flowers & Grass libraries contain a number of shapes representing landscape elements of all kinds. Included is an extensive set of new textures that allow you to build custom nature shapes with a minimum amount of effort.

You can read more information and download a Free Trial version at:

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