Desktop Transporter 2.0.1

December 14, 2006

DEVONtechnologies, LLC releases a maintenance update for the remote desktop solution Desktop Transporter.

The new version 2.0.1 adds a Status tab which lists the local Mac’s IP addresses as well as the port which Desktop Transporter is currently listening on. This makes sharing a Mac’s desktop as well as solving networking issues easier. Also, version 2.0.1 allows the controlling Mac to change the color depth used for the connection, and it lets the user customize the port for incoming connections. For maximum security, e.g, when used with SSH, incoming connections can be restricted to ‘localhost.’

For those who want to use Desktop Transporter to control a remote Mac over the Internet, the online help has been enhanced with more information on how to set up port forwarding and with a link to the convenient network utility Lighthouse from Codelaide Software that helps with complex router configuration. Finally, Desktop Transporter 2.0.1 fixes a number of minor bugs and improves compatibility with Mac OS X 10.3.9.

Desktop Transporter 2.0.1 requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 later and a fast LAN and/or Internet connection is strongly recommended. It is immediately available as a free download from It must be purchased after the evaluation period of four weeks is over; the update is free for all registered users. Desktop Transporter sells for US$ 29.95 in DEVONtechnologies’ online shop. Students and educators discounts are available.


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