AppZapper 1.8 For Mac OS X With UnZap Released

December 11, 2006 announces the release of AppZapper 1.8 for Mac OS X 10.4 and above.

AppZapper allows you to confidently uninstall virtually any application, widget, preference pane and plugin as easily as it was installed — just drag and drop. AppZapper intelligently finds leftover support files and allows users to put them in the trash with a single click.

AppZapper 1.8 introduces a new feature called UnZap. Users of AppZapper are now able to instantly put an app and its related files back where they were if accidentally zapped.

Mac OS X lets you install most applications with a simple drag to the applications folder. Many people decide they don’t want an application and drag it to the trash. However, this does not remove the extra preferences, caches, and other support files generated during launch — files that can sometimes be many times larger than the applications themselves. AppZapper helps clean up these leftover files, files that 99% of Mac users don’t even know exist.

In addition to numerous adjustments and fixes, 1.8 also includes authentication of non-admin users, improved support for zapping on localized systems, and improvements to the zapping engine. This update is recommended for all AppZapper users.


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