DEVONthink Professional Office Public Beta Released

November 28, 2006

DEVONtechnologies, LLC releases DEVONthink Professional Office as a public beta. The long-awaited extension to its DEVONthink product line adds email archiving, paper capture, and web sharing to the only document manager for the Mac that is based on artificial intelligence.


The advanced email archiver connects to all major email programs and imports messages or complete mailboxes to a database while keeping formatting as well as attachments intact. The simple interface resembles an email program and allows to easily select mailboxes or messages to import. In addition, the user can filter messages by flags, priority or date range, and hide already imported messages. The new ‘Export > as Email’ function can be used for both sending documents as attachment using the default email program and for replying to archived messages.

For Apple Mail, DEVONthink Professional Office installs a plugin that inserts convenient commands into Mail’s main menu for archiving mailboxes or messages directly from within the application. Also, the plugin speeds up the transfer of messages compared to AppleScript-based solutions. The email archive tool of DEVONthink Professional Office supports Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage, PowerMail, BareBones Mailsmith as well as all email programs using standard Unix mailboxes, e.g., Thunderbird or GNUmail.


The second enhancement over the regular edition of DEVONthink Professional is the integrated support for paper capture via flatbed scanners or the Fujitsu ScanSnap. Users can scan paper documents directly from within DEVONthink Professional Office. The embedded ReadIRIS optical character recognition (OCR) makes the created PDFs searchable while maintaining their layout. It places an invisible but machine-readable text layer behind the scanned image. It is possible to run OCR on files scanned earlier without OCR, too.

In addition,the Fujitsu ScanSnap auto-feeder scanner is recognized when installed, and reconfigured if desired. The ScanSnap does not come with optical character recognition out-of-the-box, so DEVONthink Professional Office jumps in and automatically runs optical character recognition on all PDFs sent from the Fujitsu ScanSnap.

“While email programs offer means of organization for email messages, the computer’s file system takes care of electronic files. Finally, paper is kept in piles on the desk, in folders, or ‘filed’ in shoeboxes in a board. Why not store everything in one single place, organize it, and find whatever one is looking for in an instant? This is the question that drove us, and DEVONthink Professional Office is our answer” says Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann, President of DEVONtechnologies. “It brings all the data sources together, email, web, paper documents, electronic files, and presents them in a unified ‘workbench’ perfectly tailored at organizing and navigating large amounts of data. Powered by our artificial intelligence technology unique to the Mac, DEVONthink Professional Office assists its users with determining the right place for new documents, finding exactly the items they need, and drawing relations between them.”


Finally, DEVONthink Professional Office comes with integrated web sharing. Any database can be published on the local network as well as on the Internet with a single click. Users can search a shared database using standard web browsers such as Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer on any operating system, from Mac OS X to Microsoft Windows, or Linux. The web interface resembles common web search engines. Found documents can be either viewed directly in the web browser window or they can be downloaded to the local machine as .zip files. Bonjour support allows users of, e.g., Safari to easily locate shared DEVONthink Professional Office databases on the local network. Password protection keeps unwanted guests away.

“Collecting and organizing data is just one part of the game. Sharing and collaborating is what really drives creative people. This is why we’ve added web sharing to DEVONthink Professional Office. Making your documents or your research results available to your coworkers or just everyone on the Internet was never easier” so Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann. “DEVONthink Professional Office propels the successful concept of DEVONthink a huge step forward. with the integration of email archiving, paper capture, and web sharing it’s now the Mac incarnation of what they had in mind when they invented the term ‘paperless office’.”


DEVONthink Professional Office requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. It is immediately available as a public beta from The final release is scheduled for January 2007. DEVONthink Professional Office does not require a valid license code within the public beta period, but the email import function is limited to 200 messages per day and the OCR function is limited to 20 documents per day.

DEVONthink Professional Office sells for an introductory price of US$ 139.95 during the public beta period in DEVONtechnologies’ online shop. After the end of the public beta period, the regular price will be US$ 149.95. Users of DEVONthink Personal or DEVONthink Professional are able to upgrade for the price difference of US$ 60 or US$ 100 respectively. Upgrade coupons are available. DEVONthink Professional Office is also available together with DEVONagent as the ‘Infoworker’s Pro Office Bundle’ for US$ 159.95.

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