MacHeist Now Open to Public with Prize-Laden Mission

November 20, 2006

After weeks of activity as an invite-only event, MacHeist is now opened to the public with a new mission for everyone.

MacHeist is a Mac software event involving weekly “heists” for its visitors with free Mac applications as rewards. MacHeist will also be hosting a final week of sales of a software bundle containing some of the hottest apps for OS X, with 25% of proceeds given to customer selected charities.

This week, visitors will be undergoing a heist centering around an infamous unsolved puzzle. Those who participate will be rewarded with free copies of newly released personal finance manager, Cha-Ching, and 1Passwd, the powerful password manager with popular browser integration.

So far, MacHeist members have each had an opportunity to download over a hundred dollars worth of free software, and the event and developers involved have given out over $500,000 in software to the heist community, which after two weeks, numbers over 24,000 members.
The window of opportunity for the second heist will close on Sunday, November 26th.

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