SAC Ships New Monitors in North America

November 17, 2006

SAC (Senior Audio Consultant) Pro Audio is now shipping their new PUMP 6a and 8a Direct Field Monitor Speakers in the US and Canadian markets through their distributor, Kaysound Imports.

The PUMP Series monitors are an example of SAC’s ability to deliver high quality products at a low price. These monitors are built with a thick 25mm faceplate and solid, rear ported speaker cabinets for powerful low frequency response and durability. The PUMP Series offers a choice of a 6″ or 8″ mineral-filled polypropylene cone with a high temperature voice coil and damped rubber surrounds coupled with high-efficiency ferrofluid-cooled natural soft dome tweeters with a dedicated filter for an exceptionally clean sound. Two high signal-to-noise ratio amplifiers (dedicated woofer and tweeter) with a fourth order electronic crossover circuit provides a smooth frequency response and SPLs up to 91 dB. The PUMP 6a features 120W of total power and a frequency response of 45Hz to 20kHz and the PUMP 8a features 150W of power and extends the low frequency down to 40Hz.

The PUMP Series are fully magnetically shielded, include a convenient front volume control, and rear XLR balanced and ¼” unbalanced inputs. Also included is a delay protection circuit to avoid pops and noise during power-up, making them the perfect solution for the computer-based digital recording studio.

The PUMP 6a sells for $449 per pair and the PUMP 8a sells for $529 per pair.

For additional information on SAC products, please visit:


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