CS Odessa improves ConceptDraw WebWave

November 17, 2006

CS Odessa releases a new version of its website planning and prototyping tool ConceptDraw WebWave. Among features added there are compatibility with project management software, creation of a web site prototype presentation and several improvements in web site mock-up development such as working with CSS files.

Integration with project management software is essential for web site development, and ConceptDraw WebWave is the first tool that supports working with task information. It allows adding start and due dates, duration, percentage of completion, cost and resources to any object from Web Site Map Shapes library that is used to plan a future site structure. The next step is to export this information into MS Project XML thus transforming it into complete project plan for further tracking and management.

Mock-up creation with ConceptDraw WebWave became much better due to the ability to apply user defined CSS files to a web page mock-up making possible to use existing color schemes, fonts and backgrounds. Also new ten web page design templates were added into Template Gallery.

ConceptDraw WebWave automates a very important part of a web designer work that is creation of a web site prototype presentation to a client. Site Prototype Builder now creates a web site HTML presentation as well as builds a website prototype using the structure diagrams. Customers can preview a site structure, design and even a single page through a handy presentation template. To prepare a presentation a user should link shapes on a site map with hyperlinks leading to an image, CDD, TXT or HTML file that contains a page preview.

To get more information and download Free Trial version visit:

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