Freeverse Big Week Kicks Off

November 13, 2006

As part of it’s “Big Week” of announcements, Freeverse has today released Cult of Mithras, an expansion pack to Legion Arena, the strategy game of Roman warfare.

Cult of Mithras continues where the Roman Campaign of Legion Arena leaves off, adding a fun new supernatural element to the historically inspired wargame. Terrifying armies of Fire Demons and Shadow Warriors will challenge your battle-tested legions, pitting the fires of hell against cold, hard steel.

Cult of Mithras features:
35 new battles across 7 campaigns
7 new unit types including Fire Demons, Shadow Warriors and Ghost Legions!
Enhanced storyline
Linked battles that prevent healing up between and add a whole new layer of strategy Intense new graphical effects New and powerful special equipment

Cult of Mithras is just $14.95 and is only available as an electronic download from
It requires Legion Arena to play.

More information / images on Cult of Mithras can be found at:

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