Griffin Introduces Holiday iPod Cases

October 3, 2006

Griffin Technology Inc., creator of all things iPod, today introduced the first pair of entries in its new Holiday iPod case line. CenterstageTM and DiskoTM give iPod users two new ways to tote and enjoy their iPods.

Stand Up for Your iPod. Centerstage shows off your iPod in a clear hard shell case, for maximum protection while carrying. But when you get where you’re going, Centerstage reveals its hidden talents. The colorful anodized aluminum cover flips open and under to create a sturdy easel stand, allowing your iPod to stand and deliver. Centerstage is perfect for hands-free video viewing.

Like Griffin’s best-selling iClear case, Centerstage is fully compatible with 30, 60 and 80GB video iPods. Crystal-clear Centerstage is available in your choice of silver, blue, black, or hot pink aluminum flipstand.

Shake Your Pod Thang. Why not have fun with your iPod WHILE you are carrying it? Disko is a seriously functional iPod carrying case with a sense of fun. That is, it senses your movements and responds with fun moving colored lights that outline the click wheel. So, even when your iPod is sleeping, it’s a visual treat (and an instant party, wherever you go).

Disko’s colored LEDs are powered by two, tiny, long-lived wafer batteries (included), so no impact on your iPod’s battery. Disko works with 30, 60 and 80GB video iPods.

Pricing & Availability
Centerstage and Disko are available for this holiday season, priced at only $24.99, and $29.99 USD, respectively, at, and wherever quality iPod accessories are sold.

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