New Pocket Drive Enclosure for Fast SATA Drives

September 20, 2006

WiebeTech has added a new pocket drive to it’s lineup of portable enclosures. The ToughTech™ mini accepts any SATA drive and has the fast Oxford 924 chipset for dual FireWire 800, single FireWire 400 and USB2 connection.

Not much bigger than a pack of playing cards, ToughTech mini fits easily in a shirt pocket, purse or briefcase.

With a triple interface, users can attach it to practically any computer. WiebeTech also includes three different cables (FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 2) and an AC adapter. ToughTech mini is bootable in FireWire mode on any Mac or PC that supports this feature.

ToughTech mini also provides protection for the drive with ToughMount™ strips which are mounted between the drive and the enclosure to protect the drive from shock and reduce enclosure noise.

Pricing and Availability
Description // Part # // Retail Price
User configurable, add your own SATA drive // TTM-0 // $119.95
with 80GB SATA drive // TTM-80-5400// $228.95
with 100GB SATA drive // TTM-100-7200// $343.95
with120GB SATA drive // TTM-120-5400// $308.95
All configurations are in stock and ready to ship.

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