SuperDuper! Has 2 Day Sale

September 18, 2006

From Dave Nanian of Shirt Pocket Software..
We’ve been advocating regular backups for a long time, so it distressed me when I recently read Guy Kawasaki’s blog post about his own data loss… and total failure to back up.

In typical Guy fashion, he turned the post about his data loss to a meditation on hubris, etc. I ignored all that and sent him a license to SuperDuper!

I’m happy to say—he liked it! In fact, he liked it enough to ask whether I’d offer a discount to the readers of his blog.

Well, we’ve never offered SuperDuper! at a discount before—but you don’t just say “no” to Guy. So—for the next two days (Monday 9/18 and Tuesday 9/19), we’re offering SuperDuper! at a 10% “Get Smart” discount if you use the coupon code getsmart (all one word), regardless of whether or not you read Guy’s blog.

So—if your readers have been waiting, if they don’t have a solution, or if they’d just like to save a few bucks: it’s time to Get Smart, and get SuperDuper!


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