Griffin Adds Three New Products

September 14, 2006

Griffin Technology Inc., creator of all things iPod, has debuted three new groundbreaking products at the Apple Expo show in Paris, presenting us once again with the cutting edge in iPod accessories. Get the most out of your music with Griffin’s effortless combination of function, fashion, and fun.

This original iPod accessory features a your own portable karaoke solution! A high-quality compact microphone plugs into your iPod and at the flick of a switch, existing vocals fade into the background, leaving instruments and backing vocals intact, allowing you to step up and be the star. iKaraoke sends the music — along with your performance — to your stereo system for the world to enjoy.

iKaraoke also includes features to enhance your performance: three levels of reverb to blend vocals and accompaniment so you sound best. iKaraoke can send the music, and your vocals, to your FM stereo wirelessly or by direct connection. Because it is so versatile and so compact, you can enjoy sing-along fun in your home, in your car, anywhere you can take your iPod that has an FM radio or stereo system.
iTalk Pro:
Plug iTalk Pro into your iPod’s dock connector, and suddenly you have the world’s most portable mobile recording studio in the palm of your hand. No extra cables, no adapters, nothing but portable CD-quality recording capability.

iTalk Pro features two built-in microphones to sample your world in stereo at 44.1 kHz. Of course, if you want to spread out a bit and get greater stereo separation, iTalk Pro can accommodate you, with a stereo 1/8" (3.5mm) input jack for your external mic.

iTalk Pro will let you record in either 16-bit stereo or 8-bit mono. One-touch recording makes operation a breeze, so you can concentrate on what you’re hearing, instead of how to operate the machinery. With iTalk Pro your ability to faithfully record the sounds of your world is limited only by your iPod’s capacity and your own imagination.

This advanced, attractively designed iPod Media Center gives the user the ability to convert their iPod into a Home Entertainment Center giving you the ability to watch videos, listen to your iPod music library or check out photos via your TV screen and speakers – all controllable by a simple remote. This mini-dock also provides a full slate of Internet Radio stations which can be heard through your connected TV with minimal user configuration.

About Griffin Technology
Griffin Technology has earned its reputation as the creative leader in ingenious peripherals and accessories for your digital lifestyle. Find out more about Griffin’s entire range of products for audio, video, gaming and more at Griffin’s website:


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