High-end Sound, Small Package, It’s Altec Lansing for the home

September 13, 2006

Altec Lansing officially has re-entered the high-end computer speaker market with the launch of its 2.1 and 5.1 FX systems. Simple and elegant, yet fantastic-sounding, the FX4021 and FX5051 are perfect for today’s more stylish computer systems.

But, there’s big technology hiding inside the less-is-more design. Both FX systems produce extremely clean sound traditionally found only in oversized, boxy systems. A unique isobaric subwoofer design produces a warm, rich and rumbling bass in a package half the size of traditional systems. The isobaric technology is a proven dual-bass driver subwoofer design typically used for automotive installations. By integrating it into the new FX series, Altec Lansing offers consumers rich sound and more bass in less space.

Furthermore, the remarkably precise sound comes from the FX satellites’ REAL two-way system. That is, each satellite has two (2) drivers that are both active (and not passive). The FX5051 is the first 5.1 system to provide USB plug-and-play connectivity, giving new meaning to ease of use. For added convenience, a wireless remote comes with both the FX4021 and FX5051. And, their satellite speakers can be wall mounted for placement flexibility.

Purposeful design with award-winning Altec Lansing sound . . . the new FX series is perfect for today’s more contemporary digital living spaces.

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