Freeverse to Publish Lineform

September 11, 2006

Freeverse today announced that it has published Lineform, a feature-rich vector drawing application for Mac OS X. With a powerful toolset, intuitive user interface, and the speed of a Universal application on Intel and PowerPC Macs, Lineform is the ideal program for creating everything from simple logos to complex designs.

Comparing the features of Lineform with other programs up to five times its price, Lineform’s value becomes amazingly clear. Bezier editing, Freeflow text, Gradients, CMYK preview, and a host of other options set it apart from the competition. Anyone looking for a less costly, easier to use, and Intel-native alternative will be thrilled with Lineform.

Freeverse has also announced a special free preview of Lineform. From now until October 7th, images created during the trial period will be watermark-free. Lineform is ready for production level work.

Created by Will Thimbleby, Lineform is a recipient of a 2006 Apple Design Award recognizing technical excellence and outstanding achievement. It represents the creativity and elegance of the very best Mac OS X software. 

Lineform is priced at $79.95, and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. It is available now at:


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