September 7, 2006

Plasq is proud to announce the release of 10 screensavers for OS X 10.4, in a set called ‘sqreensavers’.

The World, (September 8th, 2006) – plasq today announced the immediate availability of a set of 10 free ‘sqreensavers’ for Mac OS 10.4.
The artistic sqreensavers range from abstract vector colored shapes to panning pastoral scenes, and are based on the larger set of visualizers from plasq’s ‘Rax 2.0’ application for professional musicians. They have been designed to use the graphics power in modern machines, resulting in attractive visuals at relatively small cost to the CPU.

The design of the sqreensavers, based on Apple’s Quartz Composer technology, requires OS X 10.4, and function best with Core Graphics Accelerated video cards.
The product is available for free via download directly from plasq at http://plasq.com>

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