CS Odessa Continues to Improve ConceptDraw VI

September 7, 2006

CS Odessa today announced the release of ConceptDraw 6.1, a new version of its popular diagramming software package for the Macintosh and PC. New features added in version 6.1 are soft shadows, smart objects highlighting and the addition of a number of business related shapes libraries.

Customizable soft shadows are an often requested feature that makes more professional and stylish drawings than ever before. Version 6.1 gives you the ability to select an object and then drop a shadow onto the canvas, as well as add corresponding shadows to the other objects it intersects with. Changing shadow colour or its position relative to an object are also options.

ConceptDraw Basic, a powerful internal scripting language, has also undergone extensive improvements with new functions for Shape, Paint and Page objects that control object ordering, filling color and shadows. ConceptDraw Basic makes possible the construction of intelligent shapes with complex behavior, automation of repeating actions and connections to ODBC databases for further data visualization.

Smart Objects, now marked with a blue icon in the Library window, are shapes that have assigned intelligent to them permitting them to have more complex responses to user actions than standard objects. Other usability improvements include remembering the last used folders for opening and saving files, preserving the last used format for Save As dialog and being able to select objects in a group by using the Tab button. Shapes can now be locked from the shape context menu.
You can read more information and download Free Trial version at:

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