NewerTech Announces Overnight Shipment of iBook & PowerBook Replacement Batteries

August 29, 2006

In response to Apple Computer’s voluntary recall of 1.8 million Lithium-Ion batteries for iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 laptops sold between October 2003 and August 2006, Newer Technology, Inc. (NewerTech) today wanted to assure owners of these products that the NuPower high capacity replacement batteries can be ordered with overnight delivery for safe and improved capacity performance.

Apple’s current batteries manufactured in Asia utilize Lithium Ion cells from Sony. The recall is the second this month involving notebook battery cells made by Sony. Last week, Dell said it is recalling 4.1 million laptop batteries made by Sony after the computer maker received reports from customers of laptops overheating and catching fire. In response to these recalls, Sony has announced financial support in the recall effort and new manufacturing processes that should prevent any future similar situations with future production.

NewerTech NuPower high capacity replacement batteries for Apple iBook and PowerBook notebook computers are manufactured in the United States of America utilizing different Lithium Ion cells than Apple uses. NewerTech’s cells are obtained exclusively from Sanyo, Panasonic, and E-One Moli.

Because NewerTech NuPower batteries utilize different cells and small batch manufacturing processes for stringent attention to detail not necessarily possible in mass production plants, NewerTech batteries achieve the higher capacity the company is known for, in some cases up to 62% higher capacity than factory batteries.

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