Mellel 2.1

August 28, 2006

RedleX today released Mellel 2.1, a major update to the leading word processor for Mac OS X. Mellel 2.1 introduces several key important changes and features, including switching the file format to XML, top notch Find and Replace capabilities (full Regular Expressions support), Full screen mode, paragraph and character style palettes, and much more.

The update is free to all registered users of Mellel. The update is a for-pay upgrade for user who purchased Mellel more than 3 years ago. A free trial version is also available.

The most important change in Mellel 2.1 is the move to XML based file format. With this move, which took several months to implement, Mellel is moving to an open, standard, text based file format, that is much more economic in terms of file size, and opening the door to a slew of innovative options for formatting, import and export.

Another important in Mellel 2.1 is the completely rewritten Find and Replace feature, including full support for Regular Expressions (RegEx), find and replace by character formatting and styles, flexible search options, and more. “Regular Expressions is an insanely great, extremely powerful tool, but for most of the users it is completely useless, because it is simply too complex,” says Guy Hivroni, cofounder and chief GUI designer for Mellel. “With Mellel’s new Find and Replace we tried to make RegEx useful to mere mortals. No more cryptic codes, carets, slashes, asterisks, and so on. Everything is icon driven and clear, so even non-programmers-types can make use of it.”

Mellel 2.1 is available for download now, from the servers listed below. The price for a single user license is US$49, Educational license is US$34.99, 5 Pack license (5 separate licenses) are US$99. A Boxed Edition of Mellel is also available for US$59 (including shipping costs).

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