Launch date announced for next Lineage II free expansion

August 23, 2006

NCsoft is happy to announce the next thrilling update to Lineage II, entitled Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood. This latest chapter in the Lineage II saga is not only free to subscribers, but it features many new system changes designed to ease newcomers’ first steps into the world’s premier MMO for PvP action…while continuing to challenge the Lineage II elite players with new quests, boss monsters and an increased level cap to aspire to.

Lineage II Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood features new regions to explore, with new castles and clan halls up for grabs. Players can fight for control of Schuttgart Castle and the terrifying Rune Castle, unique among all other castles in the world of Lineage II, where the formidable monster, Benom, resides in its dark depths.

Chronicle 5 continues the tradition of adding tons of new content, but also includes concentrated enhancements to existing features unlike any Chronicle before. Armed with feedback from our Lineage® II community, Studio E&G has improved multiple systems to appeal to new players and enrich the experience of veterans.

Chronicle 5 will launch on September 6th and will be free to subscribers.
Lineage II 60-day game time cards with the full client (Chronicles 1-4) are currently available in stores at an estimated price of $29.99, or you can purchase them directly at (The client will automatically download Chronicle 5 upon launch.) For more information about Lineage II, please go to

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