WiebeTech’s 4th Generation Forensic Notebook DriveDock

August 15, 2006

WiebeTech has now enhanced its proprietary write-block technology to allow investigators to image suspect 2.5" IDE notebook drives through FireWire 800 (400 compatible) as well as USB. The new Forensic Notebook DriveDock™ v4 also has more LED indicators to monitor data transfer, including an indicator that assures users that write-block technology is active and protecting the data.

The Forensic Notebook DriveDock v4 (part # FONBV4) is priced at $399.95 and is in stock.

WiebeTech’s series of Forensic DriveDocks allows forensic examiners to download and image contents of a suspect drive in the field or lab without risk of data being written back to the drive and is fully compatible with forensic acquisition and analysis software.

The Forensic Notebook DriveDock v4 is loaded with other indicators: FireWire attached, USB attached, +12V input jack active, disk drive power input jack active and +5V output active.

In addition, it offers multiple powering options. The Forensic Notebook DriveDock v4 can be attached to any 2.5" IDE notebook drive and powered via a +12V adapter (included) or via a standard disk drive 4-pin molex power source. It even has an on/off switch for safe power up and power down and a switch guard to prevent accidentally turning off the unit.


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