WiebeTech adds 4-bay enclosure to SilverSATA

August 9, 2006

WiebeTech has added a 4-bay unit to its popular SilverSATA™ product line. The SilverSATA IV holds four 3.5" SATA drives, with up to 750GB capacity for a total of 3TB (unformatted). Trays are removable and interchangeable with other SilverSATA models.

Each drive tray has a dedicated connection to an eSATA host controller for highest speed performance. If using a software RAID utility, the SilverSATA IV can be configured to achieve speeds of over 200MB/s! WiebeTech also sells eSATA host cards for computers that do not have eSATA ports.

The SilverSATA IV is a very affordable unit for users looking for a 4-tray JBOD (just a bunch of drives) or software RAID. The user configurable version of the SilverSATA IV retails at $449.95, and with four 750GB drives is $3109.95.


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