Griffin Announces TuneFlex for iPod

August 8, 2006

Griffin Technology Inc., creator of all things iPod, today announced TuneFlex for iPod. Like the already-popular TuneFlex for nano, this new TuneFlex for full-size, 4G and newer iPods is an elegant dock and charger designed for ease of use in automobiles.

TuneFlex grips your iPod in a secure iPod-shaped cradle, and holds it on an infinitely-adjustable flexible steel neck. The cradle rotates independently to keep the iPod upright and easily readable, and always at your fingertips.

Each TuneFlex for iPod package also includes a free Limited Edition version of Griffin’s exclusive iFill software. iFill makes Internet radio easy, streaming MP3 files from thousands of free Internet radio stations directly to your iPod. Browse Internet radio stations from within iFill’s familiar iTunes-like interface. Files go directly to your iPod without cluttering up your hard drive.Griffin’s TuneFlex for iPod is the complete iPod driving companion, with everything you need for maximum enjoyment of your iPod in your automobile.

TuneFlex for iPod works with all color-display iPods as well as iPod mini. (Got an iPod nano? Check out TuneFlex for nano.) The package, with included cassette adapter and iFill LE is priced at $49.99 and is available at, and wherever quality iPod accessories are sold.

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