KnowledgeMiner 5.3 form Script Software

July 26, 2006

Script Software ( announced today version 5.3 of KnowledgeMiner.

KnowledgeMiner can be downloaded from:

KnowledgeMiner is being used by NASA, Boeing, MIT, Columbia, Notre Dame, University of Hamburg, Mobil Oil, Pfizer Inc., Dean & Company, Demetra and many other corporations, universities, research institutions, projects and individuals around the world. Because it is a knowledge discovery (structure) via data mining (information) it can be used in any field of human inquiry to reveal new and previously unknown relationships in data.

The software application KnowledgeMiner employs a set of unique inductive learning and self-organizing modeling technologies: GMDH Neural Networks, Fuzzy Rule Induction, and Analog Complexing pattern recognition for time series prediction, classification, modeling, clustering, and diagnosis of complex ill-defined systems. Multileveled self-organization and validation approaches make it not only possible to generate reliable individual and hybrid models in a most objective way, but they also provide an explanation component on the fly in form of algebraic or difference equations, fuzzy rules, or a set of similar patterns. This extracted knowledge can be directly used to improve model results, to get new insights into the system, and to aid decisions.

KnowledgeMiner comes in a student version all the way up to a Platinum edition that comes with 5 hours consulting time with Frank Lemke one of the world’s leading experts in data mining technology. KnowledgeMiner software is easy to use but now a consultant is available to help anyone get started with their simple or more complex datasets. Never before has there been a knowledge discovery via data mining package that combined this level of power, ease of use, and support by an expert. KnowledgeMiner is the first knowledge discovery via data mining software package for the individual.

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