SecuriKey Debuts SecuriKey Professional

July 25, 2006

SecuriKey, a leading provider of laptop and computer information security solutions for data protection and user authentication, announced today the launch of its new Multi-User Edition. SecuriKey Professional Multi-User locks down laptops in groups large and small. Multi-User fits nicely between SecuriKey’s popular single user Professional product and the larger, server-based Enterprise Edition. Multi-User is based on SecuriKey’s award winning technology, further expanding user-friendly solutions now for smaller work groups.

Speed of deployment, strength of protection, ease of use and excellent cost/benefit ratios are the hallmarks of this addition to the SecuriKey technology family. Supported platforms include Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 Server and both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. Windows Vista support is being developed for 2007. SecuriKey is an encryption-based USB security key system, combining a password and an ignition key for the computer. Intuitive SecuriKey requires almost no user training. SecuriKey Professional Multi-User provides meaningful administrative control without the IT complexities of back end infrastructure.

SecuriKey Professional Multi-User is currently shipping worldwide. To purchase any of the SecuriKey products, call SecuriKey at +1-800-986-6578 or visit

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