Major New Versions of ChatFX, iClock, and iKey Released

June 29, 2006

ChatFX brings outstanding special visual effects to iChat. Spice up your chats and make them more memorable with special effects like those seen only seen in movies and PhotoShop. Effects like bluescreen (which is capable of showing any movie, tv, video, or animation in the background of a video chat), twirl, comic book, alien, interrogation, pencil, vortex, dent, bump, bodyart, facepaint, fisheye, waking life, bubbles, mercury, on fire, ogre, sepia, sobel, xray, and many more, are included and any kind of special video effect can be created. Kids love seeing the bluescreen and other fun effects. Adults will find it makes video-conferencing a whole lot more entertaining and a lot less intimidating. Like the CGI special effects in movies anything is now possible in iChat.

iKey is a utility that can eliminate repetitive actions. iKey allows creation of shortcuts that perform an action or sequence of actions each of which can be launched by key combinations, menu, timer, event or USB devices (many button mice, keyboards, graphic pads and game controllers). This easy to use macro/automation utility can save time, typing and hundreds of clicks everyday. Avoid carpal tunnel, get more accomplished and have fun with iKey. An excellent manual written by Adam Engst is included.

iClock replaces the antiquated/limited Mac menubar clock. iClock is a centrally located time hub that controls many time related functions. See the time and date simultaneously in any format or color. Click to see a drop down menu of the current time/date in any city in the world or option click to see your updated portfolio of stocks. Use the lightning quick calendar, stop watch, calculator and timers (that can be set with one click). Never miss another appointment. Jot down notes in the new iClock To Do list. Application menu (that display apps running in Rosetta on Intel Macs) and more…

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