New Universal Battery Powers and Charges Notebook Computers and More

June 22, 2006

Tekkeon announces myPower(TM) ALL MP3400, a universal rechargeable battery that powers and charges most notebook computers and virtually any mobile device on the go. In addition to powering a notebook for up to four extra hours, myPower ALL powers and charges most portable electronics like portable DVD players, digital cameras and camcorders, portable media centers, portable MP3 and CD players, PDAs, and mobile phones.

myPower ALL will power a device, while simultaneously recharging the device battery. Offered as an alternative to expensive notebook batteries that are dedicated to a single device and heavy to carry, the lightweight myPower ALL also provides up to seven hours of extra play time on a portable DVD player, up to 5,500 extra photographs, or up to 14 hours of recording time on a digital camcorder–before needing to be recharged.

myPower ALL connects to the power jack on the portable device. To ensure compatibility with a majority of popular personal electronic devices, myPower ALL comes with eight adapters, enabling connection to over 300 devices. Tekkeon provides a list of compatible devices on its web site at For those devices that require adapters not included in the package, Tekkeon provides additional adapters for a nominal fee.

The MSRP for myPower ALL model MP3400 is $159.95. myPower ALL model MP3300, a smaller version that provides up to 14V, is also available. myPower ALL and other Tekkeon products are available through retail and major on-line stores including, DataVision,,, Newegg,
PC Mall, and Tiger Direct, and from the Tekkeon store at myPower ALL comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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