The Omni Group Announces OmniDazzle 1.0

June 19, 2006

The Omni Group has announced the public release of their new product, OmniDazzle. OmniDazzle joins a well-respected collection of software offerings from The Omni Group, which include OmniOutliner, OmniGraffle, and OmniWeb. OmniDazzle is a set of fun and useful enhancements that help you highlight certain areas of your screen, create special effects, and track the location of your mouse pointer. By allowing you to manipulate your screen, OmniDazzle offers practical features for doing presentations, taking screen shots, focusing on specific tasks, and adding visual information to your desktop.

With OmniDazzle, plug-ins can be activated to professionally emphasize a section of your screen, or turn your mouse movement into an area of focus that trails visual effects across your desktop. Each plug-in can be configured to suit your own particular preferences: change colors, make objects bigger or smaller, or change the way you activate the OmniDazzle plug-in of your choice.

More information is available on OmniDazzle 1.0 at <

http://>. OmniDazzle licenses for $14.95, although the application can be evaluated as a free demo.


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