Plasq Releases RAX 2.0 For OS X

June 19, 2006

Rax – The virtual rack, now got visual. plasq announces the latest 2.0 update to their “Rax” music performance software. This update brings a range of improvements with a focus on the visual aspect of performance – both by reducing on- screen visual complexity for the performer, and by adding elaborate VJ visualizer output. The entire interface has been redesigned to feature a new fullscreen OnStage Hi-contrast interface. This design allows the performer to monitor Rax from a physical distance whilst remaining in control.

Version 2.0 of Rax adds a new model for building and organizing setlists, with remote control via MIDI and the Apple Remote, further streamlining this workflow. This setlist feature, in combination with OnStage, allows the performer to easily step through songs remotely at a glance. In contrast to the simplified user interface is the elaborate and attractive video ouput options now available to each Rax 2.0 user. Rax now supports ‘Quartz Compositions’ – a graphic technology introduced by Apple in Mac OS X 10.4. The visualizers leverage Core Graphics to provide projection-quality output of ready-made visualizers and user-made visual creations. This GPU-based technology allows a performer to simultaneously generate music and visuals from a single mac efficiently.

Other improvements include a collection of professional ‘skins’ for the pre-installed Apple Audio Units – making them vastly more intuitive and powerful, MIDI file playback and a song notepad. Rax is now a Universal Binary and takes advantage of the parallel computational power of Apples CoreDuo based machines. Rax is designed as a perfect compliment for the MacBook series.

Rax costs $49.95 USD (single user). Volume licensing options are available. The 2.0 update is free for all existing registered Rax users. The product is available for download and purchase directly from plasq at with a 30-day unhindered demo.

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